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  Frequently Asked Questions
Q.  What payment options do I have? A. You may pay by credit card or by check. For custom orders, payment must be received before work is begun.  Covers will not be sent COD to new customers.
Q.  How many menu covers should I order for my restaurant? A.  Menu covers may be damaged beyond usability through accidents or hard use. Having a box of extras to replace those that are damaged will extend the time before you need to re-order. It is more economical per cover to order in larger quantities and get the price breaks we offer. A general rule is to purchase 75% of the amount of seating you have in your establishment and a few more if it gives you a per-cover price reduction.
  Q.  When will my menu covers arrive? A.  Covers purchased from the In-Stock pages will ship same or next day.  Depending on the work volume, clear covers generally ship in 48-72 hours.  Very large orders or covers that require foil stamping will take 5 - 15 business days.  For a more accurate estimate, call 1-866-653-2777.  Shipping times will vary depending on how far you are from West Texas, but 2-4 days is usual.
  Q. What's the best way to clean my covers?  How should I store them?  How long will they last? A.  Menu covers will not last forever, but they will look new and last two or three times longer if they are cared for properly. Please click HERE to learn how to keep your menu covers looking new as long as possible.
  Q.  Why do you use a single row of stitches instead of two? A.  Double stitching puts more holes along the edge of the plastic, making it more vulnerable to breaking away from the trim. Two rows of stitching may look more durable, but it is not. Instead, we use a single row of heavy duty thread with a tight locking stitch for maximum durability – and half as many plastic-weakening holes. Stitching is begun and ended only at the edges of the plastic where a metal corner is pressure attached to keep thread ends from unraveling. We have many opportunities to monitor the durability of our covers as we visit local eateries – most of whom order their covers from us exclusively.
  Q.  Why are your menu covers more expensive than others I have priced? A. We use only the highest quality materials in our menu covers, and we take a little more time to make sure stitches are straight and the corners are attached securely.  We hand inspect and clean each cover before shipping it.  Our customer satisfaction is evident by our high percentage of repeat business.  If you want to compare our product with those from other companies, click HERE to order a sample.  If you want a more economical cover, please click HERE.
  Q.  Where are your covers made? A.  Our covers are manufactured 100% in the USA by American and legal workers.  100% of our materials are purchased from US companies.  This has been our company policy since our doors opened in 2002, and we will not compromise on this commitment to US workers and companies.  We make all the sewn edge and book-style menu covers in our Texas plant - you don't pay double mark-up when you buy from the manufacturer.
  Q.  Can you make these covers in a different color, size, or page configuration? A.  We will do our best to meet your requirements in color, material, size, and page configuration.  We have many years of experience helping customers achieve a particular look for their menus and menu covers.  Be aware that custom orders cannot be returned and 5-15 working days are required to complete the work once all the materials are received and the specifications finalized.
  Q. Can I tour your plant? A.  We welcome visitors to our rural West Texas plant.  Click HERE or call 866-653-2777 to get directions.
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